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The Just City

HIST 1515: Race, Class, and Communities (Instructor: Hongyan Yang)

ENVS 1515: Nature, Environment, and Infrastructure (Instructor: Courtney Humphries)


Enduring Question: What is a just city?

Cities are diverse and dynamic places characterized by social and environmental inequalities across space, with some areas subject to greater levels of poverty, economic disinvestment, and public health risks than others. This unevenness has led to greater calls for social and environmental justice. But how do these inequalities arise, and what makes a more just city? These paired Enduring Questions courses investigated these questions from social, spatial, and environmental perspectives. As part of the Just City courses, students developed ArcGIS Story Maps that present environmental and historical research in neighborhoods in the Boston area.

Student Projects

Thank You!

Melanie Hubbard, Boston College Libraries

Enid, Karr, Boston College Libararies

Bee Lehman, Boston College Libraries

Lydia Lowe, Chinatown Community Land Trust

Garrett Nelson, Leventhal Map & Education Center

Katherine Willis, Boston College Data Visualization Lab


Core Curriculum, Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences


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